Special Order Page
for Those Who are Unemployed or Severely Under-Employed

Please Read Carefully

     Even though some parts of the USA (and the world) are impacted more than others, the current recession has caused millions of people to be laid off, about to be laid off, unemployed, seriously underemployed, and in many cases even facing foreclosure. Because the job we can help you obtain is mostly recession-proof, with regard to specialty vehicles, we are particularly dedicated to assisting people who have very limited incomes, due to the above-mentioned situations, to be able to access our materials, and find necessary work. Take foreclosure, for example. in most cases, all that is needed to prevent that disaster from happening is to earn enough additional money to make the mortgage payments. Since this job pays $1,000 a week, on average, to those who have this training, that's enough to provide this solution for most of those who access it.

     For this reason, we are offering our course materials and resources at a special price to help out people who are in financial straits. If you avail yourself of this, you will be paying $5.00 less.

     If the severe financial stress situations described above do not apply to you, we ask that you please use the "Order Page" button at the bottom of this page to return to the Regular Order Page. This is an honor system situation, and just as we've recently seen thousands of people going flood and storm-ravaged areas to render assistance, we are counting on people to be helpful to those in financial need in this instance too. We can't afford to run the school without discontinuing this special discount to those folks if people who don't need this assistance use this page. So -- if you are in need, we invite you to please do access this reduced price structure, and order via this page. If not, we thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and courtesy in returning to the Regular Order Page to place your order. Thank you.

     There's only one school on earth that fully enables you to obtain the job of delivering brand-new RVs and specialty vehicles from their 4,000+ manufacturing locations to the tens of thousands of dealerships and customers that they serve, and then start earning at the rate of $50,000 to $60,000 a year doing it -- and you're visiting its website.

     The course takes about six hours of study time at home to initially complete, but it is so detailed that we recommend further periodic review of the resources to achieve full proficiency. You also will find these materials very useful to carry along with you on your trips.

     If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to use the buttons at the bottom. Otherwise, if you're ready to take the course and then graduate and start driving, here's how to order.

The Resource Package

     You will receive the following Course Materials:

The Complete E-Book on CD Handbook & Guide
for This Line of Work. The brand-new, 2011 Edition.
169 pages, 8-12" x 11".
Audio Compact Disk
80-minute Instructional
CD that contains Additional Material
and repeats portions of the Book
that are useful to hear while driving.
Major Database of
Prospective Employers
Provides detailed information
for hundreds of Prospective Employers
from all over the world, with particular
emphasis on the USA, Canada,
and Australia.

     The normal price of all of the above course materials and placement resources is $39.95, plus shipping and processing. The shipping charge varies depending upon the type of shipping you desire, and that is calculated within the shopping cart, if you place your order using a credit or debit card of any of the four major types. (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.) To place your order this way, using our secure Shopping Cart, just click on the "To Order" button, below.

     IMPORTANT: This page offers a special discount to those who are unemployed. It reduces the total price by $5.00. We call this our special "Heartline" service, and it is noted that way in the Shoppong Cart. If you choose to use a credit or debit card to order, you will see that $5.00 has already been deducted from the usual price of the Resources. Thus, that price will show as $34.95 instead of $39.95, when you click the Order Button below. The Shopping Cart will automatically add in the shipping charges, but you already will have saved the $5.00 up front via the discount having been applied to the price of the Resources. For example: The total credit or debit card charge (including shipping) for the unemployed (or seriously underemployed) who order via this Shopping Cart via standard shipping will be only $42.90 instead of the usual $47.90.

     BEFORE you click on the button below -- which will take you to the Shopping Cart so you can order online with either a credit or debit card -- please be aware that a Special SALE currently is in effect for all who choose to order via Snail Mail! You can save at least $10.00 if you mail a check or money order instead. To do that, just copy the order form below, and follow its instructions.

     Please note that clicking the above button on more than one Order Page will cause items in the Shopping Cart to accumulate. This is NOT a problem, because if that happens, you need only to click "Remove" next to the unwanted items before finalizing your order.

     If you prefer to order by mail instead, this will save us the credit card processing fee, and we will pass those savings on to you in the form of an additional discount. All of these prices are lower than if paying by credit or debit card. Remember that when purchasing by mail, the Shopping Cart that is employed when ordering via credit or debit card is not involved. So the prices you see below include the shipping charges, but in all cases $5.00 has been deducted from the total price that you pay, thanks to Heartline. Just print out the order form below or copy it by any other means), fill it out, and mail it to us with your remitance, made payable to: Travel.

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     First, choose either of these three options, which all include the shipping. (check one):

  ____ Enclosed is payment in the form a check or money order to Travel in the amount of US$32.90.
        ____ Additional DISCOUNT: Enclosed is a POSTAL Money Order (USA and Canada only) to Travel in the amount of US$29.95.
      ____ Enclosed is a U.S. Dollar International Money Order to Travel (if order is for overseas): US$34.90

Name: ___________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State/Prov.: ______ Code: __________

Standard Shipping is via First Class/Air Mail to ALL locations.

The above order information and your remittance should be mailed to this address:

123 Forest Circle
Dept. TPU
Evansdale, Iowa 50707-1013

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